Research Abrasive is the leading manufacturer of plastic bonded grinding wheels. Located just east of Cleveland, Ohio, the company has been dedicated to innovative development and manufacturing of plastic bonded production grinding wheels for over 25 years.

Working with major firms across the country and abroad, Research Abrasive has built a reputation for cutting production grinding costs substantially (30-50% over conventional grinding wheels). Our company has used a combination of advanced formulating and production technology, combined with fast development and delivery time, to gain customer acceptance and trust.
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Product Line

The toughness and versatility of our plastic bonded wheels contribute substantially to reduced grinding costs.  It is common for plastic bonded to last longer, often many times longer than conventional grinding wheels.  When processes allow, feed rates are increased. Part quality is typically enhanced with plastic bonded wheels, especially relating to the reduction of grinder burn and residual stress.  

Along with most standard wheel sizes, we offer many customized wheels shapes and configurations.
Our standard line includes:

Through our affiliation with Shaker Products, smaller grinding wheels and abrasive inserts are available for a diverse range of applications (including drill fluting, clearing and notching; bearing spherical end grind; and hard-backed tape polishing system inserts).
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Markets Served

Research Abrasive serves the automotive, steel, bearing, farm implement, cutting tool, spring, and other metalworking industries. Major U.S. and foreign manufacturers specify Research Abrasive plastic bonded grinding wheels in plant operations worldwide.
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Customer Service

Rapid response to customer needs combined with technical innovation are the keystones of Research Abrasive's growth. Since our beginning, we have practiced the concepts of "lean production". With short production cycles and experienced development personnel, we provide customers with increased productivity and cost savings quickly. Delivery times of two weeks or less are stressed. Overnight manufacture and shipment is available. We promise no long development delays.

Plastic bonded grinding wheels require no new or modified equipment or retooling to switch from conventional grinding wheels. Customers buy and inventory fewer wheels, need fewer dressings, and have fewer machine shutdowns.

For companies willing to change to plastic bonded grinding wheels, Research Abrasive promises to concentrate all of its technical expertise toward achieving a rapid changeover to significant cost reduction and improved end product quality.

As a continuing contribution to grind wheel technology, Research Abrasive is working closely with machine builders. Machines that take advantage of the strength and cool cutting abilities of plastic by utilizing higher power or faster operating speeds eclipse the productivity of existing systems.
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Easily applied, high technology, plastic bonded grinding wheels yield consistent -- and significant -- savings. Savings that are realized quickly- through rapid development and delivery.  Research Abrasive's expedience is highly valued by customers that are running off new grinders or developing processes; users interested in quickly optimizing their grinding process; or companies simply trying to get product when other abrasive vendors 6 to 12 week lead time has proven too long.  Our 2 week standard lead time (with overnight casting and shipment readily available) is one of the main differences between Research Abrasive and other grinding wheel companies.

A variety of plastic bond systems replace vitrified, resinoid, rubber, shellac, and oxychloride bonds.  Our fast cure process is used with all the systems to yield superior performance.  Our manufacturing technologies are constantly refined and optimized.  The wealth of formulating data accumulated will allow us to continue to react quickly to ever-changing industry needs.
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