Research Abrasive Grinding Process Improvement Worksheet

The first step to improve your process with Research Abrasive Plastic Bonded Grinding Wheelsis to tell us about your operation and the aspects you would like to improve upon. While it is not required that you answer every question, keep in mind that each bit of information will assist in our recommendation. 






State or Province:  Zip or Post Code: 


Phone Number (please include area code): 

FAX Number (please include area code): 

E-mail address: 

Type Of Grinding (check one):

Thrufeed Centerless 
Infeed Centerless 
Nut Inserted Disc 
Creep Feed
Other (please describe):

Wheel Information & Process Data

Outer Diameter:   Thickness: 
Inner Diameter:   Other Information: 

Machine:   Horsepower:   R.P.M.:  

Name of Part:   Part Material: 
Material Hardness:  Finish Required: 
Total Removal:   Removal/Pass: 
Pieces Per Dress:   Dress Depth: 

Current Wheel Specification:  

What improvements to wheel performance and/or your process are most important to your company?: 

Please enter any specific requests or comments in the box below: 


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