Nut Inserted Disc Grinding Wheels are available in 6" to 42" (diameter) sizes. 

Cost savings of 50% are common with the use of Research Abrasive nut inserted disc grinding wheels in all types of disc grinding processes. This is confirmed by an analysis of over twenty years of application successes. You can often produce two to three times the number of parts with our wheels that you can, in general, with conventional grinding wheels. 

Parts ground with Research Abrasive nut inserted disc wheels include: bearing races, roller bearing ends, springs, and clutch plates. 
Part Quality, Finish 

BP6 Bonds:   Suitable for dry grinding operations such as compression springs. Advantages include excellent performance and inventory reduction. When used in general purpose bearing and automotive applications, burn reduction, and quality and production increases are common. 

Softer BP9 Bonds:   Generally used on heat sensitive or mild applications in cutlery grinding. 

BT12 Bonds:   Most often specified for rim type wheel shape -- commonly used to produce brake rotors and clutch discs. 

B9D   Weak, cutlery applications
BP6   Medium Strength, wet or dry grind
BW6   Wet grind only
BT12   High strength - roughing bond
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