Roll and Cylindrical Grinding Wheels are available in 20" to 42" (diameter) sizes. 

More than any other field, roll grinding is an art. Many variables in material, process, machine condition and the balance between operator performance and company goals influence wheel selection. Fast wheel production and close cooperation with customers have been crucial to our timely supply of the most efficient wheels. We pioneered the concept and helped engineer the first high-powered roll grinding machines. 

Wheels are supplied for machines up to 650 horsepower, but the majority are in the 40 to 75 horsepower range. Our wheels are specified for cast and forged steel as well as iron and high-chrome rolls in mill regrind operations. 

Part Quality, Finish 

BNE Bonds (Roll):  In the finishing of hardened forged steel rolls, our BNE bond usually provides cost savings of over 50%. Where shellac bonds are used, potential savings are even greater. 

BP7 Bonds (Cylindrical):   A wide variety of smaller parts are produced with BP7 bonds. Hydraulic cylinder rods and shafts are typical parts. Very effective, also, on these types of parts are our cork wheels for pre- and post- chrome operations. 

BNE   Shellac substitute
BR     Standard
BT     Heavy duty - high horsepower
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