Surface Grinding Wheels are available in 10" to 36" (diameter) sizes. 

Extraordinary productivity has resulted from the use of Research Abrasive surface grinding wheels. Users regularly increase removal-per-pass by factors of 5-to-1 compared to conventional bonded wheels. 

Part Quality, Finish 

B 31, BP6 Bonds:   For vertical spindle machines, these free-cutting, durable bonds frequently produce 4 to 1 improvements in operations. Specialty applications like connecting rods, harvester blades, valve bodies, and piston rings are typical parts ground. 

BP12, BEP3 Bonds:   Used on horizontal spindle grinders for general purpose die shop applications. Also used in wide-faced wheels for industrial knife grinding and plate grinding.  Inherently versatile for efficient grinding of a wide range of materials. 

B31   Vertical Spindle Standard
BP6   Medium Strength, Vertical Spindle Surface Grinders
B12   Horizontal Spindle Standard
BEP13   Induced porosity for wide wheels, Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinders
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