Thrufeed Centerless Grinding Wheels are available in 20", 22" and 24" (diameter) sizes. 

Thrufeed centerless is by design a high production process. This fits the unique nature of plastic bonded grinding wheels, making them very effective in virtually all centerless grinding applications. 

Parts ground with Research Abrasive thrufeed wheels include: bearing race O.D.'s, roller bearing bodies, piston pins, chain links, shock absorber and strut rods, and postal, fax and copy machine shafts. 

Part Quality, Finish 

BRRD Bonds:   Usually cut both stainless steel and carbon steel bar grinding costs by 50%. Cork filled polishing wheels give trouble-free control of finish. 
Composite,Combination:   These wheels blend stock removal and polishing to significantly reduce labor costs by combining operations. Composite wheels have often enhanced SPC compliance through greater finish and size control. Part count per dress has had 30-to-1 increases.  

RR Bonds:   Replace rubber bonded wheels in stainless and tool steel bar and specialty grind operations. 

BP7 Bonds:   General purpose, replacing both vitrified and resin bonded wheels for precision grinding processes. 

RR, BPR, BR3 Bonds:   Very effective replacements for rubber and hard resin wheels in bearing roll and needle grind operations. 

CQ, RT Bonds:   In lapping operations, CQ bonds have proven effectiveness; to produce regulatin wheels, RT bonds are broadly successful. 


BP7   Standard
B41   Tough, small diameters
BPR   Rubber modified plastic
RB3   Plastic modified rubber
RR   Rubber replacement
RT   Regulating wheel - tough rubber bond
BF   Infeed - high speed wheel
C     Cork polishing wheel
BC   Composite - Regular grinding and polishing combined in one wheel.  
        Allows one pass grinding with precise size/finish control.
CQ   Combination - Tough version of cork polishing wheels usually used on steel bars.

Regulating Wheels

1998 has seen an availability crisis for regulating wheels.   We are experiencing significant growth and conversion to our product.  Research Abrasive has two types of regulating wheels: 

SA80RTF (plastic bonded with rubber content) 
SA80RRS6 (plastic bonded) 

Both types are available within our normal lead times (or quicker if needed). We are constantly tooling new molds (and can produce any size with a two week delay for tooling) as customer demand mandates.  Currently we have tooling for: 
REGULATING WHEELS (for Centerless Thrufeed applications)
We manufacture plastic bonded regulating wheels in the following sizes:   
12 x 2 x 5
14 x 3 x 5
14 x 10 x 5
12 x 3 x 5
14 x 4 x 5
14 x 11 x 5
12 x 4 x 5
14 x 5 x 5
14 x 12 x 5
12 x 5 x 5
14 x 6 x 5
14 x 20 x 5
12 x 6 x 5
14 x 7 x 5
12 x 7 x 5
14 x 8 x 5
12 x 8 x 5
14 x 9 x 5
(All 5 inch mounts can be opened to 6 inches.) 

Nut Inserted Disc Wheels 
Thrufeed Centerless Wheels 
Regulating Wheels 
Roll Grinding/Cylindrical Wheels 
Camshaft Grinding Wheels 
Creepfeed Wheels 
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Other Wheels and Accessories 

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